Arne Maes

Economist. Idea addict. Speaker.

Hello there!

I'm Arne Maes. My career began in the industry sector, starting with Umicore and then moving to Exxon Mobil. After gaining invaluable experience, I switched gears and joined the research department at BNP Paribas Fortis, the largest bank in my beautiful country, Belgium. At BNP Paribas Fortis, I've had the privilege of becoming an expert in Belgian economics, frequently participating in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data projects. But what truly sparks my joy is creating models, exploring everything from the patterns of Belgian inflation to the scoring trends of my indoor football team. 
I recently penned my first book, in which I delve into the growing importance of the Digital Economy for our country. In it, I explore how embracing this transformation can benefit us all. I hope you'll join me on this exciting journey into the digital future.


They are young, flemish and entrepreneur. As advisors, builders, creators or gamers, they are the pioneers of the digital economy. 

Arne Maes - Goldrush


About "Goldrush"

The ABC...G of the Digital Economy.

More people, spending more time, consuming more digital content… and there is an entire economy behind it.

That economy does not only consist of large American platform companies. In Belgium, companies producing digital output account for a significant portion of the GDP. Their share rose from about 2% around the turn of the century to more than 5% of GDP in 2020. If we extrapolate this trend, by 2050 the digital economy will be more important for our GDP, our collective prosperity, than the construction and industrial sectors combined.

The book argues that we all need to start experimenting in this Digital Economy now. Five young, Flemish entrepreneurs show the way.